Senior Research Assistant Position

The Computational Cancer Biology Laboratory (Azizi Lab) and the Laboratory for Synthetic Organogenesis (Simunovic Lab) at Columbia University are jointly seeking a passionate and self-driven senior research assistant with a background in molecular biology, cell culture, biochemistry or bioengineering, and wet-lab experience, and work on ongoing research projects and assist with lab management responsibilities.

The Azizi and Simunovic labs are located in a shared space at Columbia Biomedical Campus surrounded by a highly dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment, with direct access to state-of-the-art stem cell, microscopy, and sequencing facilities. The Azizi lab research aims to address impactful questions around characterizing heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment and underlying mechanisms of response to immunotherapies. Towards this goal, the wet lab works on single-cell (transcriptomic, epigenetic, TCR, etc) profiling of patient samples from different cancer types. The experimental lab closely interacts with the computational component of the lab in an exciting interdisciplinary environment with members from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. The Simunovic lab focuses on applying bioengineering techniques to stem cell biology and developmental biology, so to understand the mechanisms underlying key milestones in embryonic development and disease. The lab uses human embryonic and patient-derived stem cells to mimic embryogenesis and organogenesis in vitro.

Both labs are part of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Azizi lab is affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Department, the Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics at Columbia University, and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. Simunovic lab is affiliated with the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Genetics and Development.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 3+ years of wet-lab experience
  • Experience with molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques, high-throughput sequencing library preparation, mammalian tissue culture, and FACS
  • Highly responsible, independent and interested in working with a multidisciplinary team and interacting with clinical trial teams
  • Previous experience with single-cell genomic technologies would be preferable

Please email Elham Azizi (ea2690@columbia.edu) and Mijo Simunovic(ms6051@columbia.edu) with your CV, interests, and contact information for up to three references, or any inquiries about joining our groups!