Postdoc opening

DSI/IICD postdoctoral fellow research program

The Data Science Institute (DSI) postdoctoral fellows are the next generation of leaders in data science. Fellows carry out independent and novel research in an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary, collaborative work.

DSI and the Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for cancer Dynamics (IICD) are actively seeking candidates who are recent Ph.D. graduates and have explicit interests in advancing and/or applying data science to other domains.

We interested in fellows who will support our shared mission of improving the understanding of cancer biology, origins, treatment, and prevention through data-driven methods and processes. We are particularly interested in candidates who will further advance core research in statistical and probabilistic modeling.

Prior experience in data science is not required. We look for candidates with the courage and interest to learn a new field, to be part of a select like-minded cohort of fellows, and to help define the field of data science for the long-term future.

We encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

Click here to apply for IICD/DSI postdoctoral fellowship. Please indicate your interest in the DSI/IICD program within your cover letter.

Joint Postdoc opening in the ZMBBI and IICD

The Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics, directed by Professor Simon Tavaré, and the Peterka lab at the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research scientist to spearhead a collaborative research project focused on the application and development of advanced optical imaging instrumentation and methods for spatially resolved tissue imaging and -omics primarily in tumors.  The postdoctoral research scientist will oversee developing new approaches to image and interrogate the tumor microenvironment with single-cell resolution. The ideal candidate has prior experience with advanced microscopy and optomechanical integration, as well as image processing and analysis.

Please contact [email protected] and [email protected] if interested.

Postdoc Opening in the Azizi lab

We have open postdoctoral positions in the Computational Cancer Biology Laboratory We are seeking applicants with a strong background in machine learning, statistics, or bioinformatics interested in developing novel methods and/or applying computational techniques in cancer biology and immunology. Please contact [email protected] if interested.

Postdoc opening for the Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics Postdoctoral Program

As part of the Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics Postdoctoral Program, we seek up to two postdoctoral research scientists who are recent Ph.D. graduates and who are interested in developing independent and novel research in an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary, collaborative research. While these positions might suit a researcher with some post-doctoral experience, we also encourage applications from recent PhD graduates. Candidates will be mentored by at least two faculty members, at least one of whom should be based on the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University, to be identified through interaction with the candidate. 

This request for proposal is now closed. Please check again in September 2020 for 2020-21 proposal application details.