Anne van Delft and Andrew Blumberg are Awarded an NSF Grant

June 20, 2023

Congratulations to Anne van Delft, Assistant Professor of Statistics, and IICD Faculty Andrew Blumberg, Herbert and Florence Irving Professor of Cancer Data Research and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, who received an NSF award for their project about a statistical framework for the analysis of the evolution in shape and topological structure of random objects.

The study led by Anne van Delft and Andrew Blumberg will broaden the scope of the methodological interface between mathematics, computer science, statistics, and probability theory and will have direct applications to genomics and cell biology. The project will also support applications coming from two areas in genomics; cell differentiation in development and tumor evolution. The research findings are also expected to influence model-building and data analysis techniques in geospatial data.

Read more on the NSF website.