The Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics organizes symposium opened to the Columbia community and to researchers outside Columbia. 

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flyer for Mathematical and Computational Methods in Cancer and Biology symposium

The importance of the mathematical and computational sciences and technological developments in driving fundamental discoveries in cancer biology and many other biological fields is now widely acknowledged. To highlight the latest research in those areas, the IICD is planning a symposium titled "Mathematical and Computational Methods in Cancer and Biology." The symposium will also be an occasion to celebrate two milestones: Simon Tavaré’s 70th birthday and the 5th anniversary of the Institute.

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Flyer for the Symposium on Probabilistic Methods in Biological Sciences (March 2020)

Understanding and controlling randomness is crucial in solving global challenges including contemporary problems in biology. To unite the scientists utilizing probabilistic methods to tackle biological problems, Ivan Corwin, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, led a symposium on March 6, 2020, co-organized by the Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics and the Probability and Society Initiative.

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flyer for inaugural IICD seminar

The inaugural Institute seminar was an opportunity to learn about the ground-breaking interdisciplinary approach of combining mathematical science and cancer research at the IICD. The symposium took place in November 2019 and was hosted by IICD Director Simon Tavaré. Featuring three speakers: Dr. Sohrab Shah (MSKCC), Dr. Elham Azizi (MSKCC) and Prof. Andrew Blumberg (UT Austin).