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November 07, 2022
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November 7th, 2022
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Elham Azizi Receives a CZI Science Diversity Leadership Award
Image of Elham Azizi standing in her lab in front of a monitor
Elham Azizi has received a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Science Diversity Leadership award for her project titled “Computational Modeling of Regulatory Mechanisms in the Spatial Breast Tumor Microenvironment Purpose.” The $1.15 million grant will support the Azizi lab for five years to develop novel machine learning tools to dissect underlying dysregulated mechanisms in the triple-negative breast tumor microenvironment through integrating spatial multi-omics data.
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Next Speaker in the IICD Seminar Series
Headshot of Tobias Janowitz
Metabolic, Neuroendocrine,
and Immunological Effects of Cancer Progression and Cachexia

Hosted by Simon Tavaré, FRS
Date: November 16, 2022 at 2 PM (ET)
Location: Schermerhorn Hall 603
and via Zoom

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Save the date: Mathematical and Computational Methods in Cancer and Biology Symposium
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News and Announcements
Headshot of Jellert Gaublomme Congratulations to IICD Associate Member Jellert Gaublomme, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, who was recently awarded a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (D2P) for his project titled “Spatially Mapping of Pooled in vivo CRISPR Screens in the Tumor Microenvironment.” Read more

Headshot of Mackenzie Sky Congratulations to Mackenzie Sky, an intern in the 2022 IICD Summer Research Program, who placed first for best poster presentation at the 2022 MIT IEEE Undergraduate Research Technology Conference. She investigated glioblastoma resistance to temozolomide with single-cell CRISPR base editing in Dr. José McFaline-Figueroa’s laboratory.
Headshot of Valerio Galanti Valerio Galanti, PhD student in computer science, joins Andrew Blumberg's group this Fall. Valerio graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2022 with an M.A. in Mathematics and a B.S.E. in Computer Science. He is interested in leveraging mathematical tools from geometry and topology to study biological data and improve on existing machine learning methods.
Headshots of Joy Fan and Khanh Dinh Joy (Linyue) Fan (Azizi lab) will present “Mapping Genotype to Phenotype through Joint Probabilistic Modeling of Single-Cell Gene Expression and Chromosomal Copy Number Variation” at the 14th annual RECOMB/ISCB Conference on Regulatory & Systems Genomics. Khanh Dinh (Tavaré lab) will give a talk at the 26th Gliwice Scientific Meeting on “Modeling and Simulation of Cancer Evolution in Single Cells.”
Recent Publications from IICD Researchers
An Immune Cell Recirculation-Enabled Microfluidic Array to Study Dynamic Immunotherapeutic Activity in Recapitulated Tumor Microenvironment. Chi, C.-W.; Lao, Y.-H.; Ahmed, A. R.; He, S.; Merghoub, T.; Leong, K. W.; Wang, S. BioRxiv 2022.

Cost-Effectiveness of Neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX versus Gemcitabine Plus Nab-Paclitaxel in Borderline Resectable/Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Patients. Ingram, M. A.; Lauren, B. N.; Pumpalova, Y.; Park, J.; Lim, F.; Bates, S. E.; Kastrinos, F.; Manji, G. A.;  Kong, C. Y.; Hur, C. Cancer Rep (Hoboken) 2022, 5 (9), e1565.

Deep Generative Modeling for Quantifying Sample-Level Heterogeneity in Single-Cell Omics. Boyeau, P.*; Hong, J.*; Gayoso, A.; Jordan, M.; Azizi, E.; Yosef, N. BioRxiv 2022.

Single-Cell Genomic Variation Induced by Mutational Processes in Cancer. Funnell, T.; O'Flanagan, C. H.; Williams, M. J.; McPherson, A.; McKinney, S.; Kabeer, F.; Lee, H.; Salehi, S.; Vazquez-Garcia, I.; Shi, H.; Leventhal, E.; Masud, T.; Eirew, P.; Yap, D.; Zhang, A. W.; Lim, J. L. P.; Wang, B.; Brimhall, J.; Biele, J.; Ting, J.; Au, V.; Van Vliet, M.; Liu, Y. F.; Beatty, S.; Lai, D.; Pham, J.; Grewal, D.; Abrams, D.; Havasov, E.; Leung, S.; Bojilova, V.; Moore, R. A.; Rusk, N.; Uhlitz, F.; Ceglia, N.; Weiner, A. C.; Zaikova, E.; Douglas, J. M.; Zamarin, D.; Weigelt, B.; Kim, S. H.; Da Cruz Paula, A.; Reis-Filho, J. S.; Martin, S. D.; Li, Y.; Xu, H.; de Algara, T. R.; Lee, S. R.;Llanos, V. C.; Huntsman, D. G.;  McApine, J. N.;  IMAXT Consortium; Shah, S. P.; Aparicio, S. Nature 2022, in press.

Vitamin K: a New Guardian against Ferroptosis. Hirschhorn, T.; Stockwell, B. R. Mol. Cell 2022, 82 (20), 3760-3762.     
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