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Mini-series: Evolutionary processes and patterns of biodiversity. Lecture 3: Coevolving genes and species. Amaury Lambert, PhD, Prof. at Sorbonne Université, Paris

October 23, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Series Title: Evolutionary processes and patterns of biodiversity

Lecture 3: Coevolving genes and species

Speaker: Amaury Lambert, PhD, Prof. at Sorbonne Université, Paris


This lecture is part of the IICD & Probability and Society Initiative Joint Seminar Series, mini-series on Evolutionary processes and patterns of biodiversity.

Due to recombination and to hybridization between species, the genealogies of genes, even sampled from distantly related species, are usually different at different genes, and (so) distinct from the species tree. We review models coupling gene trees and species tree, including the popular multispecies coalescent. We apply these models to a practical problem (how to cluster a sample of genomes into putative species) and to a theoretical question (characterization of nested coalescents describing jointly gene trees and species tree and study of their behavior close to the present).