IICD Newsletter June 2024

June 03, 2024
June 3rd, 2024

IICD Welcomes Ten Interns for the 2024 Summer Research Program

The IICD is excited to announce the arrival of ten interns for our 2024 Summer Research Program. These students come from diverse academic backgrounds and institutions, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for research in the fields of biotechnology, computer science, biology, and more.

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IICD Highlights


Dr. Bianca Dumitrascu Gains Recognition as a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar. Dr. Dumitrascu, IICD core faculty member, is one of ten emerging research leaders addressing important and urgent questions in science and humanity. 
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Podcast Episode Featuring the Researchers Behind Starfysh: Listen Now! The second episode of From Bench to Podcast features an insightful discussion with the team behind the computational toolbox, Starfysh. Listen here.



IICD Celebrated Seven 2024 Graduates. This past May, IICD proudly celebrated the achievements of seven outstanding Columbia graduates: Elisa Bergomi, Russell Kunes, Zhihan Liu, Michael Pressler, Amanda Samuel, Jia Yi Zhang, and Zijin Xiang. 



Stable Differentiable Causal Discovery Paper Accepted at ICML 2024. Achille Nazaret and Justin Hong from Elham Azizi’s Lab, in collaboration with David Blei, will present their work at the 41st International Conference on Machine Learning in July in Vienna. 


Recent Publications from IICD Researchers

Comparison of Tug-of-War Models Assuming Moran versus Branching Process Population Dynamics. Dinh, K. N.; Kurpas, M. K.; Kimmel, M. eLife 202413, RP94597. 

Deep Generative Modeling of Sample-Level Heterogeneity in Single-Cell Genomics. Boyeau, P.; Hong, J.; Gayoso, A.; Kim, M.; McFaline-Figueroa, J. L.; Jordan, M. I.; Azizi, E.; Ergen, C.; Yosef, N. bioRxiv 2024

Disentangling Oncogenic Amplicons in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. Ng, A. W. T.; McClurg, D. P.; Wesley, B.; Zamani, S. A.; Black, E.; Miremadi, A.; Giger, O.; Hoopen, R. t.; Devonshire, G.; Redmond, A. M.; Grehan, N.; Jammula, S.; Blasko, A.; Li, X.; Aparicio, S.; Tavaré, S.; OCCAMS Consortium; Nowicki-Osuch, K.; Fitzgerald, R. C. Nature Communications 2024, 15 (1), 4074.

Ironing out the Role of Ferroptosis in Immunity. Bell, H. N.; Stockwell, B. R.; Zou, W. Immunity 2024, 57 (5), 941-956. 

Single-Cell mtDNA Dynamics in Tumors is Driven by Coregulation of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes. Kim, M.; Gorelick, A. N.; Vàzquez-García, I.; Williams, M. J.; Salehi, S.; Shi, H.; Weiner, A. C.; Ceglia, N.; Funnell, T.; Park, T.; Boscenco, S.; O’Flanagan, C. H.; Jiang, H.; Grewal, D.; Tang, C.; Rusk, N.; Gammage, P. A.; McPherson, A.; Aparicio, S.; Shah, S. P.; Reznik, E. Nature Genetics 2024, 56 (5), 889-899.

The Microtubule Targeting Agent ST-401 Triggers Cell Death in Interphase and Prevents the Formation of Polyploid Giant Cancer Cells. Vicente, J. J.; Khan, K.; Tillinghast, G.; McFaline-Figueroa, J. L.; Sancak, Y.; Stella, N. Journal of Translational Medicine 2024, 22 (1), 441.

Tissue and Cellular Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Colon Aging. Daly, A. C.; Cambuli, F.; Äijö, T.; Lötstedt, B.; Marjanovic, N.; Kuksenko, O.; Smith-Erb, M.; Fernandez, S.; Domovic, D.; Wittenberghe, N. V.; Drokhlyansky, E.; Griffin, G. K.; Phatnani, H.; Bonneau, R.; Regev, A.; Vickovic, S. bioRxiv 2024.

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