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December 06, 2023
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December 6th, 2023
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Elham Azizi Named the 2024 Innovators in Science Awards Early-Career Scientist Winner

Elham Azizi was named the Early-Career Scientist winner for the 2024 Innovators in Science Award in recognition of her work developing a suite of computational tools and models that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to characterize immune profiles in the tumor microenvironment. The Innovators in Science Award recognizes the contributions of a promising early-career scientist and an outstanding senior scientist to biomedical science and is intended to support their commitment to innovative research.
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IICD Faculty Members Named 2023 Allen Distinguished Investigators

Headshot of Elham Azizi, Jose mcFaline-Figueroa, and Mijo Simunovic
Two IICD Faculty members, Elham Azizi and José McFaline-Figueroa, have been named among the 18 new Allen Distinguished Investigators. In collaboration with Mijo Simunovic (Columbia Chemical Engineering), they will develop an in vitro platform combining stem cell models of human development, high-throughput genome editing and novel machine learning approaches to identify the role of sex hormones during morphogenesis.
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Faces of IICD: Mackenzie Sky

Headshot of Mackenzie Sky
Mackenzie Sky is a postgraduate research associate in the Department of Dermatology at Yale University investigating antigen specificities of B cells in cutaneous lupus in the labs of Dr. Alicia Little and Dr. Joseph Craft. She was part of the first IICD Summer Research Program (SRP) cohort in the summer of 2022. In the latest "Faces of IICD" blog series, Mackenzie shares her experience being part of the IICD SRP and how the program gave her the confidence to become a scientist.
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IICD Special Seminar

Headshot of Yuqi Tan 
A Spatial Biologist's Guide to Decode Multiplexed Image Analysis

Hosted by Elham Azizi, PhD

Date: December 12th, 2023
at 11 AM (ET)
Location: Fairchild 1000 and online

Click here to learn more and register


Photo of Abigail Hickok Congratulations to Abigail Hickok (Blumberg lab) who was awarded the inaugural Ivo and Renata Babuška Thesis Prize from the American Mathematical Society and the 2024 Dissertation Prize from the Association for Women in Mathematics. Read more: Ivo and Renata Babuška Thesis Prize and 2024 Association for Women in Mathematics Dissertation Prize
Photo of Maria Cristiana Girjau Maria-Cristiana Gîrjāu is a new PhD student in the Department of Statistics mentored by Bianca Dumitrascu. Maria-Cristiana previously worked with Lee Spector on genetic programming at Amherst College. Maria-Cristiana's current interests include computational genomics, ML interpretability, data mining, and functional programming. Read more.
Photo of Likun Lin Likun Lin is a first-year Master’s student majoring in statistics. Fascinated by discovering biological insights through computational and statistical methods, Likun is interested in computational genomics, focusing on model interpretability in Bianca Dumitrascu's lab. Previously, Likun worked with Prof. Shan Lu on statistical modeling for complex data. Read more.
Photo of Khanh Dinh Khanh Dinh is presenting at the Joint Mathematics Meetings next month. He will discuss a mathematical model and simulation method which provides an efficient framework for modeling genomic changes during tumor growth, and are easily adaptable to accommodate newly uncovered genomic alteration mechanisms. Read more.

The IICD Invites Applications for the 2024 Summer Research Program for Undergraduates
flyer for the IICD Summer Research Program

The IICD offers a 10-week research opportunity for talented undergraduate students to perform cutting-edge research at the intersection of cancer research and mathematical sciences. Areas of research span from cancer biology to mathematics, computer science, statistical bioinformatics, engineering, and more. Participants will also attend weekly events, such as scientific seminars, workshops, career and professional development events, lab tours, scientific writing/presentation opportunities, etc. Deadline to apply is February 1st, 2024.
Learn more about the IICD SRP

Recent Publications from IICD Researchers

A Large-Scale Observational Study of the Causal Effects of a Behavioral Health Nudge. Nazaret, A.; Sapiro, G. Sci Adv 2023, 9 (38), eadi1752.
APR-246 Increases Tumor Antigenicity Independent of p53. Michels, J.; Venkatesh, D.; Liu, C.; Budhu, S.; Zhong, H.; George, M. M.; Thach, D.; Yao, Z. K.; Ouerfelli, O.; Liu, H.; Stockwell, B. R.; Campesato, L. F.; Zamarin, D.; Zappasodi, R.; Wolchok, J. D.; Merghoub, T. Life Sci Alliance 2024, 7 (1), e202301999.

Deep Generative Model Deciphers Derailed Trajectories in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Nazaret, A.Fan, J. L.; Lavallee, V.-P.; Cornish, A. E.; Kiseliovas, V.; Masilionis, I.; Chun, J.; Bowman, R. L.; Eisman, S. E.; Wang, J.; Shi, L.; Levine, R. L.; Mazutis, L.; Blei, D.; Pe'er, D.; Azizi, E. bioRxiv 2023.

DIISCO: A Bayesian Framework for Inferring Dynamic Intercellular Interactions from Time-Series Single-Cell Data. Park, C.; Mani, S.; Beltran-Velez, N.; Maurer, K.; Gohil, S.; Li, S.; Huang, T.; Knowles, D. A.; Wu, C. J.; Azizi, E. bioRxiv 2023.

Ferroptosis Inhibition by Oleic Acid Mitigates Iron-Overload-Induced Injury. Mann, J.; Reznik, E.; Santer, M.; Fongheiser, M. A.; Smith, N.; Hirschhorn, T.; Zandkarimi, F.; Soni, R. K.; Dafré, A. L.; Miranda-Vizuete, A.; Farina, M.; Stockwell, B. R. Cell Chemical Biology 2023.

Spatial Host-Microbiome Sequencing Reveals Niches in the Mouse Gut. Lötstedt, B.; Stražar, M.; Xavier, R.; Regev, A.; Vickovic, S. Nature Biotechnology 2023, in press.

Stable Differentiable Causal Discovery. Nazaret, A.; Hong, J.; Azizi, E.; Blei, D. arXiv 2023.

Transforming Ovarian Cancer Care by Targeting Minimal Residual Disease. Jazaeri, A. A.; Grisham, R.; Knisely, A.; Spranger, S.; Zamarin, D.; Hillman, R. T.; Lawson, B. C.; Burns, K. H.; Lee, S.; Westin, S. N.; Moiso, E.; Williams, M. J.; Bardhan, N. M.; Pisanic, T.; Matulonis, U.; Weigelt, B.; Shih, I.; Konstantinopoulos, P. A.; Gaillard, S.; Wang, L.; Aghajanian, C.; D'Andrea, A. D.; Hammond, P.; Shah, S.; Wucherpfennig, K. W.; Lu, K. H. Med 2023, 4 (11), 755-760.

Tumor-Specific GPX4 Degradation Enhances Ferroptosis-Initiated Antitumor Immune Response in Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer. Li, J.; Liu, J.; Zhou, Z.; Wu, R.; Chen, X.; Yu, C.; Stockwell, B.; Kroemer, G.; Kang, R.; Tang, D. Sci Transl Med 2023, 15 (720), eadg3049.

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